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Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (ICP)-CSIC

Marie Curie, 2 L10
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Company Profile:
Environmental Catalysis Engineering Group (ECEG) belongs to Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (ICP-CSIC).
ICP was created in 1975, the building, located in UAM campus, rose in 1990.
ICP is looking for high technological competitiveness in the field of Sustainable Chemistry, based on scientific excellence and multidisciplinarity, and the availability in our institute of a very good scientific equipment infrastructure.

Environmental engineering solutions for waste waters decontamination by catalytic advanced oxidation processes

What we offer:
Our studies have been centered, over the last ten years, on the development of catalysts for cleaner environments. Nowadays, the research lines of this group are evolved in different wastewater treatment projects focused on the study and development of heterogeneous catalytic advanced oxidation process (AOPs) to remove aromatic pollutants at moderate concentrations and ambient conditions.
The AOPs studied are Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation with iron-activated carbon catalysts, and heterogeneous photocatalysis based on titania materials and solar light. Different studies of these single and combined AOPs have been carried out and new strategies using a hybrid process have been developed improving the rate of pollutants oxidation and final degree of mineralization at shorter times.

What we are looking for:
1. New partners to improve our collaborative research activities and studies enrichment, to facilitate the access to European projects financial resources.
2. Companies to carry out realistic studies about real industrial problems, to support our research, to access to projects public funds.
Our organization has human resources to support projects, contracts and patents application, tracking and management.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Ms Dr Marisol Faraldos

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