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Gaia Energetics

Av. Sant Antoni, 35 1º
ZIP Code
La Massana

Company Profile:
First ESCO based in 2009 in Andorra oriented to provide turnkey energy services to households, tertiary buildings and industry. The company grants of experience in energy efficiency and bioclimatic architecture techniques. Its services portfolio also includes unique products and a patent pending in the area of renewable energy systems (biomass), actually under an ambitious expansion project towards Europe to promote the transition from domestic fuel oil to wood pellet in buildings.

Domestic fuel tank reconversion into solid state energy like wood pellet or similar

What we offer:
Gaia Energetics has developed a process to convert liquid fuel tanks in storage facilities for solid material such as biomass granules. The invention has been patent registered. The company has found a solution to recover tanks that contain liquid fuel in order to store solid material.
The benefits of the existing buried tank recovery are many: cost savings com-pared to other alternative systems such as specialized biomass silos or from the application of a double layer of fibber to continue the use of fuel as required local regulations; reuse of the original reservoir space, especially important in places where the space available for storage is limited, cost avoid-ance of recycling and disabling tanks that became obsolete for use with liquids, which adds to the environmental costs.

What we are looking for:
Promote solution for wood pellet usage in retrofitted residential building sin Europe.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation


Mr Pierino Puigsubirà


Mr Pascal Mardivirin

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