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Prototec Desarrollos Tecnológicos

C/ Almaden de la plata, nº3
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Company Profile:
the company's main activity is to find and develop technology solutions in any environment requiring the integration of electronic technologies, software development, telecommunications and electromechanical tecnologies. configured as a R & D department for companies, characterized by using its own technology, and a network of expert partners in specific areas.

QUICKSENS Energy Monitoring from 5€/Month.

What we offer:
Quicksens is a universal monitoring service, fast to install, which enables real time, remote or local monitoring, recording and management of measurable parameters with sensors and commercial equipment.

The sensor data can be managed from Quicksens web, offering a database for incorporating applications developed by the client.

Web features:

LOCATION MAPS: Systems and alarms localized on Google map.

REAL TIME: Sensor values reading in real time.

NAVIGABLE CHART: Chart with zoom when there is a concentration of sensors.

ALARMS: Recording alarms notified by e-mail or SMS.

GRAPHICS: Data recorder.

REPORTS: Publication of reports and export to Excel.

SCALABILITY: Registration and management of new systems, sensors and users for the client.

What we are looking for:
Industrial companies with monitoring needs to control and save energy.

Especially companies that want to monitor various energy counter brand. this done without installing any software or equipment.

Lastely, Energetic consulting, that want to include QUICKSENS in their services.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Juan José Giraldo Mora

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