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artesanos 20
ZIP Code
Tres Cantos

Company Profile:
TMI, we are a ATISAE Group company .

We specialize in the comprehensive view of Consulting, Engineering and Maintenance Audits. Wich are keys to the Energy and Power management needed to improve the income of any company and industry.

We count with our GMAO and SIGE: our information technologies applied to maintenance and energy respectively, wich are inseparable from the work of Maintenance, Energy, and Engineering Consultancy.

Comprehensive systems for maintenance and energy management (GMAO & SIGE)

What we offer:
The new direction of the global economy requires companies to demand comprehensive maintenance management and energy, which is being attended only by some specialized companies such as TMI-ATISAE Group.

The ability to combine TMI Training, Consulting, Engineering, IT Audit and applied to maintenance and energy, giving our customers an added value, to have a positive impact on their business income statement, with the implementation of our methods.

We protect the professionalism, independence and technical rigor as arguments and defend inalienable knowledge management for the ongoing search for variables that lead to cost savings in energy and maintenance.

All at a very affordable investment with short ROI

What we are looking for:
TMI priority is to provide industry with a full range of services within the framework of European directives:
Counseling, Consulting, Engineering and Maintenance Management and energy with our management software

Whatever the solutions our customers request, there is a common element: A level of quality and commitment that few companies can offer.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Ignacio Olmos

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