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Madrid Cluster for Sustainability & Renewable Energy

C/ Abascal 56. 3 Floor
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Company Profile:
The Cluster aims to be a significant forum in Spain and internationally to promote and study the development of the Renewable Energies and Sustainability sector in the region.
1. Facilitate start-ups and to attract and expand businesses and projects
2. Promote innovation and R&D
3. Provide a forum and a single voice at improving the global competitiveness of the in Madrid
4. Support the internationalization of the sector, encouraging trans-regional cooperation and lead EU projects

Cluster (non profit organisation)

What we offer:
Knowledge transfer and access to sector information
> Improving coordination and relationship with the institutions and research centers, providing efficient access to various services (sectoral studies, seminars, training courses, etc.).
Increased capacity and effectiveness of R & D
> Increased speed and ability to perceive the needs of the sector as well as new possibilities in technology, production or marketing
> Promoting greater knowledge creation by encouraging Cluster interrelation
> Representation in national / international forums Improving the relationship / coordination with the government
> Support programs and initiatives for joint public - private initiatives

What we are looking for:
Promote public/private sector cooperation.
Support the internationalization of the sector, encouraging trans-regional cooperation (transfer, technology, knowledge, etc) and lead European projects to promote renewable energy.
Identify business opportunities for Madrid Region companies.
Carry out research and study projects.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Mr Luis Felipe Valero Calvo

General Manager
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