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Materiales Renovados

Paseo de la Castellana 155, 2ºA
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Company Profile:
Materiales Renovados is a company located in Madrid, Spain and founded in 2005 by initiative of its shareholder CEPI INGENIERÍA DESARROLLOS Y MEJORAS, SL. in its search for new markets in the environmental sector, especially geared toward the waste treatment sector. MR has chosen to apply the Plasma Arc Technology for the treatment and recovery of waste.The business areas where we operates are: Engineering Services and Consulting; Development and management of their own project; Joint development projects; Sale of treatment plants.

The Plasma Converter System

What we offer:
The Plasma Converter System allows a total and irreversible destruction of any type of waste (solid, liquid or gas) being able to obtain energy and useful products (synthesis gas and silicate) respecting the environment and being a boost for alternative energy and an example of ecological sustainability.We are operating in the following areas: MSW;Paper Sector;Scrap tires;Biodiesel Sector;Toxic and Hazardous waste;Hospital Waste; Pharmaceutical Waste.The process offers potential savings and drastic simplification in processing integrated mixed wastes because little or no sorting is required for processing.Plasma conversion also inherently separates metals and silicates from plastic and organics without prior disassembly of the waste feedstock. It fulfills environmental requirements more strict than the legal ones.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for products like synthesis gas engines, synthesis gas turbines, Fuel cell (H2) or manufacturers of "water shift reactors" for Power Generation: Waste to Energy. And we are looking for customers in the industry sector related with the waste management: municipalities, autonomous communities, responsible for Commonwealths...

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation


Mr Guillermo Moreno

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