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GreenIng Ingeniería

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Company Profile:
GreenIng Ingenieria Civil y Ambiental is an Spinn-Off of the University of Granada wich is located Granada, south Spain.

Mains of the company are Engineering of Irrigation systems, water supply, solar and wind pump, hydroelectric power station renovation, biomass, energetic analysis of water networks.

GreenIng Ingeniería Civil y Ambiental

What we offer:
- Projects, services and technology supply that may be useful in production processes or the provision of services in Energy and Environment.
- Technical department for R+D projects as a leader or as well as a partner.
- Investigation in the use of solar and wind pump in combination with traditional energies in developing countries and irrigation system.
- Supplying of engineering tasks, case studies, meeting boards for suppliers customers.

What we are looking for:
- Companies with potential customers to implement new energy systems for this kind of projects.
- Product developers to get into our expanding program along the country acquiring new customers.
- Companies interested in the Marroc Irrigation and water market.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Ignacio Salcedo

Project manager

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