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Abener Energía

C/ Energía Solar nº1
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Company Profile:
Abener belongs to Abeinsa, Abengoa’s business group for engineering, construction and concession-type infrastructures.

Abener Energía was set up in July 1994 and since then has grown internationally with a presence in Mexico, the USA, India, Poland and Chile.

The rapidly-growing number of pioneering projects carried out by the company all over the world has led to Abener today playing a leading role in the solar-thermal, biofuels and conventional power generation markets.

Abener’s strategic positioning and capabilities enable it to progress every day towards its goal of becoming a world leader in designing and building energy and industrial plants, using technological and innovative solutions that contribute to sustainable development.

Solar thermal technology

What we offer:
Abener has extensive experience in designing and constructing solar-thermal plants using both tower technology and parabolic trough technology. This experience has been acquired from building the world’s first two commercially operated solar Tower plants PS10 and PS20 in addition to five solar power plants using parabolic trough technology, mounting to a total installed capacity of 250 MW. With more than 1,000 MW currently under construction, the company can rightfully claim to have a portfolio of projects that includes the largest plants in the world.

Abener is a pioneer in developing integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) hybrid plants, which bring together the advantages of solar energy and the benefits of combined cycle. Proof of this can be seen in the world’s first solar-hybrid plants – the 150 MW solar-combined cycle (ISCC) plant in Hassi-R’mel, Algeria, and the 470 MW solar-combined cycle (ISCC) plant in Ain-Ben Mathar, Morocco.

What we are looking for:
Suppliers for solar components, systems and equipment - Collaboration with R&D Centers - Technological partnership

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Miguel Herrador Moreno

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