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Cappy & Associates, Mex. SA de CV

373 Ejercito Nacional, Suite 501
ZIP Code
Mexico City

Company Profile:
Located in Mexico, private company, doing marketing, lobbying, consultancy and representative activities:

Presently participating in administrative an contractual function for environmental projects mainly those dedicated the production of renewable energy produced by biogas, biomass and photo volotaic processes.

Facitliy to identify local operators to design BOT projects.


What we offer:
The area we focuss that of projects to produce renewable electrical energy to be consumed by final users, under a self consumption Mexican legalese.

This opportunity is because the price of the electricity for a Mexican industrial consumer average the equivalent of $0.22 USD per kilowatt.

We do not anticipate sale the electricity to the national goverment utility company, but instead pay a fee carrier to transport the electricity to the consumer that can be a municipal user or any other type.

What we are looking for:
Reach an agreement to represent bold firm with the aim to anticipate future grow for this type of businesses. Not only in Mexico but in Central America as well.

We are looking for a firm able to invest and participate in international o national tenders.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr E. Gil Aranda


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