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Mondragon University

Loramendi, 4
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Company Profile:
Mondragon University develops a collaborative model with industrial companies in technological research activities (around 14 M€/year), ranging from fundamental research and oriented doctoral thesis to industrial and technological development tasks.

Fields of Research:
Mechanical behaviour and product design.
Materials science, technology and manufacturing processes.
Embedded systems and information systems.
Electrical energy.
Organization and industrial management.

Electrical energy and ecotechnologies in Mondragon University

What we offer:
Research capabilities in:

Energy management::
Power electronics: New topologies development, power electronics in the grid, distributed generation applications.
Electrical machines: Modelling, simulation and control of AC electrical machines, electromagnetism, application analysis.
Electrical energy storage systems: Li-ion storage systems, Electric vehicle, Smarts grids.

Design and development of distributed control systems for energy efficiency: embedded systems with reliability and real-time requirements across all the components of a distributed system, such as: communications, operating systems, and middleware.

Ecoinnovation and ecodesign in the development of new products and services.

Energy and materials efficiency in manufacturing processes.

What we are looking for:
Research partners and industrial customers for research activities in the above mentioned fields

Collaboration sought:
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Dr Carlos García

Research Manager

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