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CENTESIL Centro de Tecnología del Silicio Solar

Avenida Complutense nº 30
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Company Profile:
CENTESIL is a Spanish Corporation formed in 2006 by the initiative of: UPM, UCM, Isofotón, Técnicas Reunidas, DC Wafers. It is located in TecnoGetafe, Madrid.
CENTESIL is a R&D SME focused on polysilicon production, developing a 50 t/a pilot plant. The aim of company is the development of an innovative technology to purify Silicon that allows the PV Value Chain to reduce the energy production cost and get the grid parity. In a close future, Centesil will be able to supply technology, equipment design and R&D+i support to other companies.

R&D polysilicon pilot plant

What we offer:
Centesil is a pilot plant for polysilicon production adapted to photovoltaic applications. At this moment, Centesil already has an own technology to advise potential customers about industrial scale polysilicon production facilities. This technology is based on three steps: the first one corresponds to synthesis of a volatile silicon hydride, specifically, trichlorosilane (TCS); the second step is the purification of the synthesized TCS; and, finally, the third step consists in the decomposition of TCS into polysilicon. Centesil will provide equipment design and R&D+i support also.
The main advantage offered by the technology of the company, deals with the reduction of polysilicon cost, reaching a quality that will permit manufacturing high efficiency solar cells.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for companies dedicated to the design of: software for polysilicon production control, clean rooms, sewage water processing, pressure vessels, special instrumentation, electrical power supply and systems automation. Additionally, we are looking for chemical products and laboratory equipment suppliers, special industrial maintenance providers and emergency and fire control management. Research centres with expertise in the fields mentioned above will also be welcome for collaboration
Our potential customers are polysilicon production companies for R&D activities and technology development.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Ms Dr Tatiana Fernández

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