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Guzmán el bueno 15, 1ºC
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Company Profile:
Eolida Wind Solutions is located in Albacete (Spain). It´s an engineering focused on the renewable energy field mainly in small and medium sizes wind and solar FV projects. The company is also specilizated as a consultancy for companies interested in an international experience in new markets.

Engineering focused on renewables energies; specialized in small and medium size wind and solar FV Projects. Consultancy for Spanish companies interested in an internationalitation in the company..

What we offer:
As engineering focused on renewables energies we are specialized in small and medium size wind and solar FV Projects. We offer interesting and new concepts for an investor interested in carry out projects inside renewables energies. We are specialized in projects inside the pool energy market with wind and solar FV energy: Technical Projects, Administration Procedures Developing, EPC Contracts (under PMI rules), Negotiation with Land Owners Agreetments, Environmental Studies and Wind Resource studies. IEC 61.400 12-I studies.

As consultancy we offer, to Spanish companies involved the renewables energies, the possibility to discover international new markets where the spanish firms may have new and interesting opportunities: International studies specializated for each companies and searching bussines in international markets.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for investors which want to carry out a medium size investment inside the renewable energy field. Mainly in wind industry.

We are also looking for spanish companies involved the renewables energy field interested in carry out and Internationalization in hte company.

We are looking for companies in the wind industry interested in carry out IEC 61.400 12-I studies.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation


Mr Manel Freijomil López


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