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Sungguk-dong 636-1, Danwon-gu, Ansan-Si, Kyungki-do, South Korea
ZIP Code
Korea, Republic of

Company Profile:
MIRSOLAR is professional enterprise involved in manufacturing solar ribbon that makes a link between a solar cell module and solar cell.

Furthermore, Solar Ribbon is also the core parts used in Photovoltaic module.

We, MIRSOLAR, has developed a Cu-Ribbon applied with a flux in advance. TECHNOLOGY is a manufacturing
Process to enable simplifying the solar-cell module assembly.

Flux-coating solar ribbon

What we offer:
A Cu-Ribbon which is a solar ribbon that is applied with a flux and dried on the surface in advance. This new technology is advantageous in simplifying manufacturing process of solar cell module.

Flux-coating solar ribbon improves operational efficiency by eliminating the flux coating process, thus the manufacturing costs can be reduced. In addition, the new method can also prevent generation of malodor caused by Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) from flux, so that it provides better working environment and protects facility and environment from pollution.

What we are looking for:
MIRSOLAR is looking for industrial partners for Joint Venture :

In terms of Joint Venture , the company is interested in Changing in the partner sought's currently used technology.

A commercial agreement with MIRSOLAR will allow partners to perform manufacturing of solar cell module and import and/or export solar cell module device.

Clients and partners in solar industry, i.e. solar cell manufacture, silicon crystal solar cell manufacturer can expect followings benefits from the partnership with MIRSOLAR

- Simplify the solar-cell assembly, thus, manufacturing cost can be saved.

- Increase productivity by automating continuous process.

- Prevents from property transformation by erosion or oxidation in long-term storage.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Jeon Taeg-Jong


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