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LANDMARK Con. & Dev.

9F MJL Building, 204-5 Nonhyun1-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
ZIP Code
Korea, Republic of

Company Profile:
LANDMARK Con. & Dev. (CEO: Min Soo, Kim)

Industry Type : Trade and Construction Business

Main Products : Smart Optimizer(lead-acid battery recovery device)

Main Sector : Trade and housing projects supplier

Lead acid UPS back-up battery desulfator

What we offer:
The technology is a patented electronic device designed optimized to help restore lead-acid batteries’ capacity and performance.

By applying a precisely controlled tiny electric pulse of unique waveform to the battery’s electrolytes, the technology ionizes and dissolves the lead sulfate (PbSO4) buildup or generation that was accumulated during the discharge-charge process cycles back to Pb, PbO2 and H2SO4.

Due to its ultra-low pulse and low frequency, it produces no noise, which is ideal for use in telecom back-up system in base stations.

What we are looking for:
LANDMARK Con. & Dev. is looking for industrial clients for product sales and commercial agreement:

- In terms of product sales, the company is seeking dealers who will merchandise the technology to UPS, IDC operators, and any types of energy service providers.

A commercial agreement with LANDMARK Con. & Dev. will allow partners to perform economic activities as a strategic cooperator.

Clients and partners in renewable energy industries, i.e. eco-friendly battery provider, can expect following benefits from the partnership with LANDMARK Con. & Dev.

- Immediate revenue generation from high and quick return on investment

- Reinforcement of product competitiveness from improved reliability and reduced buying and maintenance costs

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation


Mr Moon Doug


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