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Korea Institute of Energy Research

102 Gajeong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
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Korea, Republic of

Company Profile:
Our Center, named as the National Research Laboratory for thin film solar cells by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology in 2003, is the only government-supported organization specialized in R&D of solar cells. Our Center has been involved in various activities related to photovoltaics since 1980s. In relation to the solar cells, our R&D activities include from silicon wafer to next-generation thin film and nano-structured solar cells.

Reflecting Plate For Solar-heat collecting device

What we offer:
The Double vacuumtube type Solar-heat collecting device is a reflecting plate with high efficiency and low cost. It can reduce the cost to produce the CPC or PTC type plate without losses in efficiency.

This technology is designed to produce the double vacuumtube type Solar-heat collecting device.

The existing CPC or PTC solar collector plate has some parts that fail to absorb the light due to the interference from the absorber at the plate.

With the technology, those parts can be removed. It can reduce the cost of materials. In addition, it keeps the same efficiency as the pre-existings have. It is the high efficiency and low cost product.

What we are looking for:
KIER is looking for industrial partners
Technology transfer, Technical cooperation, Technical advice, Quality test :

- Transfer the know-how in producing the Reflecting Plate for Solar-heat collecting device manufacturing company.

- Conduct a performance test and cooperation for joint development

- Technical advise and quality test for Solar-heat collecting device

Clients and partners in solar industry, i.e Solar-heat collecting device manufacture can expect followings benefits from the partnership with KIER

- Secure the manufacturing technology for double vacuumtube type Solar-heat collecting device

- Increase the convenience for maintenance

- Shorten the working hours and cut the material costs

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Ju Ik Soo

Technology Manager

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