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Avda. Gregorio Peces-Barba, 1
ZIP Code
Leganés (MADRID)

Company Profile:
University Carlos III de Madrid is one of Spain’s most prestigious technical universities. Due to its public, non-profit nature, the exploitation and dissemination strategies of UC3M largely coincide on its main objective, which is to use research results to advance and progress scientific knowledge.
Research at Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) has always been one of the basic pillars of the University’s activities, both to improve teaching and to generate new knowledge and new lines of research.

Science Park of the University Carlos III of Madrid

What we offer:
The Science Park of the University Carlos III of Madrid contributes with technology transfer, Patents, R & D Centers, technology-based entrepreneurs and other innovation services in collaboration with companies, promoting economic and social development of its environment.
Technology Transfer:
Marketing of the Technology Portfolio, protect the research developed and the Creation of Technology-Based Firms (EBT / Spin-off) are a clear commitment from the University Carlos III of Madrid for the transfer of technology and knowledge, facilitating technological innovation in the social and productive environment.
R & D + I Centers:
The creation of innovation centers at the University Carlos III of Madrid platforms facilitate joint research and development between the UC3M, businesses, government and users, developing assistive technology, innovative services and solutions for society.
Business Incubator:
The Business Incubator Science Park acts as a system of relationships designed to extend the culture and entrepreneurship, and fostering the creation and consolidation of innovative technology-based TBCs.
Portfolio of services:
• Diffusion of entrepreneurial culture.
• Information and counseling services to entrepreneurs.
• Idea Generation and definition of business projects.
• Business development and consolidation.
Services for business innovation:
Our proximity and contact with the company allows us to meet their needs, encouraging and accompanying management processes in innovation. To this end, we offer high value services, especially for SMEs, at scientific and technological environments
To promote the success of innovation in SMEs, we act of "counter easy" so that they can access the different resources available

What we are looking for:
Collaboration with other research centers and companies.

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation



Technology Transfer Adviser

Ms Marina Urbina

Technology Transfer Adviser
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