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Avda. Cerro del Aguila 3, edif. 2, of. 1C2
ZIP Code
San Sebastian de los Reyes

Company Profile:
SOLUTE is an engineering consulting company that provides engineering solutions for renewable energy projects as well as structural and mechanical engineering services for product development.

We are in a stage of internationalitation having presence in Turkey and Denmark.

Within the wind energy industry, our main activities are:
- Wind resource assessment
- Wind farm design
- Aerodynamics loads analysis
- Class and subclass studies
- Wind turbines certification
- Foundation design and calculation

Consulting engineering services

What we offer:

a) Structural and mechanical engineering
- Stress analysis and sizing of aircraft structures.
- Metal and concrete civil structures engineering.
- Certification of wind turbine mechanical components.
- Advanced structural analysis: fatigue and damage tolerance, welded and bolted joints following international standards (i.e. VDI)

b) Advanced numerical simulation
- Non linear static finite element analysis; buckling, contacts, singular constitutive laws.
- Transient and steady dynamic response studies.
- Structural optimization methods.
- Fluid-dynamics.
- Crash analysis.
- Transient thermal analysis.

c) Test engineering

d) Wind energy aerodynamics and loads analysis
- Class certification of wind turbines: analysis of extreme and fatigue load cases.
- Fatigue, extreme and seismic loads prediction on wind turbines for specific locations.
- Wind farms site assessments: mast measurements data analysis and filtering, wind variables prediction, generators placement optimization, energy production prediction…

What we are looking for:
+ Wind farm investors and developers
+ Wind turbine manufacturers
+ Collaboration with other companies in the wind energy sector
+ Collaboration on international R&D projects research

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Alberto Torres

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