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Company Profile:
ImMODO Solar is one of the 10 major companies producers of photovoltaic (FV) energy in Spain. Inmodo Solar develops photovoltaic promotions in Europe, America and Asia, builds turnkey (EPC) and makes a commitment to operate and maintain facilities for third parties during their lifetime, ensuring the FV Production.

The recent completion of a 15 MW PV project in India brings ImMODO’s installed capacity to 75 MW world-wide .

Monitoring, control and optimization of photovoltaic and thermal systems.

What we offer:
Our company is specialized in the optimization, control and monitoring hardware and software manufacture and
development. Dismissing the idea of creating a specifi c system for each installation, we assume the development of a
comprehensive, effi cient, solid, modular, scalable and adaptable system to any existing installation.
imMODO Solar offers the product you need to provide “intelligence” to your installation, incorporating multiple control
tools and offering a complete analysis of all electrical, economic, physical and administrative processes and threads
of a solar installation, maximizing the profi t and performance

What we are looking for:
We looking for a university partner for to developer improve to the main problem in the area of PV generation of energy to the electric network, which is essentially, not knowing accurately in advance how much energy will be received from the PV plants in the next hours and days. The predicted values in energy production will be used by the distribution companies to plan accordingly the right supply to their clients.

Collaboration sought:
  • R&D cooperation


Mr Javier Soler

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