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C Diamante 17
ZIP Code
Humanes de Madrid

Company Profile:
1. Madrid (Spain)
2. Company of Engineering and manufacturer. Software development and O&E services
3. Development and manufacturer of ebike charging station. Software development for ebike fleet management. Engineering specialized on green industry. Commercialization of products and services related to the green industry.

eBike charging station & cloud managing software

What we offer:
We are an engineering company specialized on green industry. We are also manufacturer of our products which includes electronics PCB, mechanics and software development.

We offer our Automatic eBike charging station and cloud managing software. This is focused to reduce energy consumption on transport of commuting and tourism. The featured points of our system are:
- Universal system, valid for any ebike and bike;
- Automatic battery charge;
- Flexible Cloud managing software, ad-hoc for ebike fleet management;

We offer as well engineering for third party projects including PCB design, embedded and cloud software development, mechanics design, microprocessor-based systems development, etc. We are specialized on green industry taking into account the carbon foot print on demand.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for distributors of our products on any country. The main characteristics of an ideal distributor for us are:

- Knowledgement of sustainable mobility, electric vehicles and specially of the ebike industry;
- Customer portfolio on sectors like hotel, tourism, public and private areas, medium to big companies, maritime port and railway stations operators, etc
- Products and services inside the maintenance, services, facilities and goods supplier to the previous type of customers. Better if these products and services are related to the green industry and energy;
- Technical skills for installation and maintenance of stations and ebikes (basic electrical, mecanical and electronics, bicycle maintenance, ...);

Collaboration sought:
  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation


Mr Bartolomé Navarro

Co-founder & engineer

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