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En BLau Nuevas Tecnologías

C/Balmes nº2
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Company Profile:
En Blau is a brand specialized in efficiency studies,we are located in Onda ( Valencian Comunitie) right now we are working very hard as a LED manufacturers representing our LED brand called Illuminova.
We have 3 factories in China,so we can creat all kinds of LED products,even personalized products depending in the needs of our clients,we offer 3 years of guarantee in every product,and of course with all the quality certificates.
We are working in thes LED products for more than 3 years.

LED Manufacturer

What we offer:
We are offering all tipe of LED products,we develop products for exterior lighting or interior lighting,all tipes of powers high and low.
Our products can be used for industry as good as for buildings or street illumination.
The advantages of our LED products are huges,the long life of our products, mora than 50.000hours,the less consumption in electric bills,the better light quality,less co2 emmisions...

What we are looking for:
We are looking:
- for commercial agreements
- distribution outside Spain
- Collaboration with Arquitects,Constructors or Sustainable enterprises.

Our LED products are specially greats for factories with lots of lights,in these situations your invest will be amortized in less than a year with savings in electric bill of more than a 60%

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation


Mr Esteban Guillamón

Technical Commercial
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